Full NameCh. Stormcloud's Rock Candy
Call Name:Candy
Candy aka Candy Cane, Cornie or Corn Hole, I know some of those nicknames are terrible but they fit her. She’s a Sassy/Rocky daughter, she’s a sweet heart she is loves to woo woo to get your attention, she loves to be outside but I only let her when the weather is good enough for her to be out, I do think this time of the year though she likes it the best as she waits to hear the pears drop from the tree and she runs over to help herself to the fruit, I know she’s gained weight from all the pears and plums…..
She’s a super sweet girl who loves to be groomed, she finished her championship with 3 majors, she is also best friends with Vickie, and Mike calls Candy his dog even though she was suppose to be mine, but that’s ok cause Sparkle was suppose to be his and she likes me better than him 🙂

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