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Pedigree: Stormcloud’s Czar o’ Summerhill

Czar, came to live with us after his sire Vago had passed away he was co-owned with my friend, he was a easy boy to live with however he kept the girls on their toes, Preddy loved Czar that was her guy, he was sire to Kiska and Sassy and also Starry….
He was a strong dog,a sammy friend into sledding once watched us in the ring at a specialty told me when I came out of  the ring that Czar was probably the only one out there in that class that could actually pull a sled and do it well, so that was really cool, shows were not his thing so he retired and stayed home, he was the start of the OFA excellent hip ratings on our sammies too I have 3 generations now that go back to him so that is really something….

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